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MojoKnows propose des produits et des services destinés aux personnes voyageant en Australie. Nous proposons des cartes SIM pré-payées (prepaid) pour téléphones mobiles, un accès Internet en déplacement et des accessoires pratiques pour les telephones mobiles. Nous proposons aussi un unique service de souscription pour le “tax file number” qui vous permets de recevoir votre “tax file number” pour votre Working Holiday Visa par SMS et e-mail, et nos services de transfert postal vous offre la possibilité de lire votre courier postal en déplacement, ainsi que sur votre smartphone – nous sommes fiers de notre service clientèle.

  • Le package Working Holiday fournit un excellent service mobile, complet et fiable !

    Miriam de Strasbourg

  • Super site web, si vous comptez visiter l'Australie !

    Ludovic (Grenoble)

  • Le SIM City package m'a permis d'avoir l'esprit libre durant tout mon séjour en Australie, merci MojoKnows !

    Simon de Toulouse

  • Vraiment très pratique, le WiFiBox est sans soucis et très facile d'utilisation

    Amélie (Nancy)

Warum sollte ich ein Produkt von MojoKnows kaufen ?
  1. You get your Australian (or New Zealand) mobile number before you depart for your trip, so you can pass it on to friends & family at home.
  2. We speak your language: Our customer support team can converse with you in English and German:
    • You can reach us 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm Sydney time via phone (in Australia: +61 410 665646 , in New Zealand: +64 488 93 666)
    • Contact us anytime via WhatsApp: +61 410 665646
    • As a customer you also get access to & $50 credit for our innovative SMS service - any question answered.
  3. Free Replacement: Problems can occur - if the SIM card does not work you'll get a free & immediate replacement.
  4. No contract: There is no contract, all our offers are prepaid. The indicated costs are one-off costs you pay when you order - if you do not need extra credit that's all you ever pay.
  5. No roaming costs: You're using a local SIM card, and therefore avoid roaming costs - incoming calls and SMS in your destination country are completely free, and there's also no data roaming charges.
  6. Ideal for both short trips and long-term travels: You can use the SIM card as long as you like - once the included starting credit is used up you can always add more credit.
  7. Works with all devices: All our SIM cards work perfectly with Apple's iPhone family as well as Android and Windows Phone based smartphones. Older devices are also supporte, just keep in mind that they usually don't have access to all the available network frequencies and therefore provide less coverage. Blackberry phones are also supported, however they cannot access the internet.
  8. All ages: All our products can be ordered by minors as well - so if you need a SIM for a school exchange or language class for your son or daughter, simply make sure you order in their name, using their details, esp. if they travel on their own.
  9. All sizes: All our SIM Cards are TrioSIMs, i.e. they fit (size wise) in ANY phone (they can be used either as a Standard, Micro- or Nano-SIM).