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MojoKnows propose des produits et des services destinés aux personnes voyageant en Australie. Nous proposons des cartes SIM pré-payées (prepaid) pour téléphones mobiles, un accès Internet en déplacement et des accessoires pratiques pour les telephones mobiles. Nous proposons aussi un unique service de souscription pour le “tax file number” qui vous permets de recevoir votre “tax file number” pour votre Working Holiday Visa par SMS et e-mail, et nos services de transfert postal vous offre la possibilité de lire votre courier postal en déplacement, ainsi que sur votre smartphone – nous sommes fiers de notre service clientèle.

  • Le package Working Holiday fournit un excellent service mobile, complet et fiable !

    Miriam de Strasbourg

  • Vraiment très pratique, le WiFiBox est sans soucis et très facile d'utilisation

    Amélie (Nancy)

  • Le SIM City package m'a permis d'avoir l'esprit libre durant tout mon séjour en Australie, merci MojoKnows !

    Simon de Toulouse

  • Super site web, si vous comptez visiter l'Australie !

    Ludovic (Grenoble)

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All our products are prepaid, there are no ongoing/automatic charges. The price shown is charged to your credit card as a one-off cost when you order the product.

Cartes SIM - SmartphonePlus

EUR 109.95

Massive starting credit of 5GB for Internet use and free & unlimited calls & text messages within Australia using the network with the best coverage & speed in Australia - ideal for trips up to 6 weeks in length! MojoKnows107

Kangaroo This product is best used while you are travelling in Australia; we also offer products for New Zealand.

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The SmartphonePlus Package

  • Starter Pack (inluded in the one off purchase price)
    • Free calls and text messages to any standard Australian Number*
    • Initial mobile internet balance of 16GB so you can access the Internet on your Smartphone (8GB usable straight away, another 8GB will be added 2 weeks after your arrival)
    • If you arrive between October 31st 2018 and February 25th 2019 then you will also get an additional 20GB of bonus data in total - this bonus goes straight into your data vault, which means it never expires, provided you have an active base pack on your account.
    • Enough credit for international calls/sms to call a number in the UK for 100 minutes (for details on international call rates see here)
    • We activate the starter pack on the day of your arrival in Australia for you, and 50% of the initial balance are automatically added then, the remaining 50% are then added two weeks later, so that you can use the starting credit for a total period of 6 weeks after your arrival without the need for further topups
    • If you use up the starter pack before it expires or if you stay for longer than 6 weeks and would like to add more credit (see How do I recharge my SIM?) then any remaining data you still have will be added to your data vault (up to a maximum of 50GB), and as long as you have an active base pack you can use the data in that vault.
    * Calls to premium numbers (1300, 13.., 19..., 12...) are not included in this allowance and using them will reduce your international call credit.
  • Calling & Message Rates

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