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MojoKnows offers products and services for visitors to Australia – our aim is to make your stay as pleasant as possible. We offer prepaid australian SIM Cards for mobile phones, Internet access on the go and practical accessories for mobile phones. We also offer a unique tax file number application service that allows you to receive your tax file number for your Working Holiday Visa via text message and email, and our mail redirection services ensures that you can read your postal mail on the go, even on your smartphone - and we pride ourselves on our customer support! Please also visit our Twitter page where we give practical tips for travelling in Australia.

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Internet access with a MojoKnows Traveller Package

The most common problem when using the Internet via a SIM Card with an iPhone/iPad in Australia is that there is an existing access profile on the device (usually created by the mobile provider in your home country) that 'blocks' the Internet Access in Australia.

If, after your arrival in Australia, you can make phone calls (in the case of an iPhone), but cannot use the mobile Internet, then the first thing you should check is if there is any profiles installed on your device. Go into the Settings App, then choose General -> Profiles. If you have a 'Profiles' entry under 'General', go in there and delete any profiles that look like they come from a mobile provider in your home country. This fixes the Internet access problems in most cases. If not, see below.

To use the internet with your iPhone / iPad / Android device, you need the correct carrier settings. After your arrival in Australia, with your SIM card in, these are usually updated automatically. However, sometimes this does not happen. If you are able to make calls and send texts, but have no access to the internet, a problem with your carrier settings might be the reason. In this case, read the following instructions on how to set up your device manually.

Please note that if you are using a BlackBerry Phone you will NOT be able to access the Internet using any prepaid SIM Card in Australia.

Internet settings for Android

Internet settings for iPhone / iPad